You've decided it's the right time in your life for a special car. Maybe it's a classic Corvette or T-Bird you loved back in high school. Maybe it's a drop-top Porsche 997. Maybe you've looked around and can't find it. Or you've heard from someone that prices in the US are significantly lower. Maybe you just don't have time to compare, inspect, negotiate and complete the purchase. Or maybe you've already found the car in another country, but need someone to complete the importation paperwork and get the car home. They're all great reasons to use our service!

You tell us what you want to drive. We find it for you. You can provide as many or as few specifications as you'd like:

  • year, make, model
  • trim level
  • colour
  • options
  • mileage
    Then let us do the work! Before you know it, we’ll have your next vehicle ready: registered, safetied, emissions-tested, fully detailed and ready to go.

    Any remaining factory warranty is fully transferable to you (some exceptions may apply, based on manufacturer). All vehicles are inspected by a license mechanic, and, in most cases, also by one of our team members, to ensure they are damage-free and properly represented. All transportation, registration and import fees (if applicable) are included in the price we quote to you.

    Once we establish what you want, we’ll give you some examples and ballpark prices. From there we narrow the selection down, make a few phone calls and give you a guaranteed price quote. We then ask for a $1000.00 down payment, which is applied to the purchase price once the vehicle is sourced and the papers are signed. Don’t worry - if we’re unable to find your vehicle, or even if you change your mind, your down payment is refunded in full, so there’s no risk to you whatsoever.

    Once we have found your vehicle, within your price range, we'll call you to confirm, make the purchase, arrange transportation back home, address any mechanical issues, then have the car safetied and emissions tested, plated and thoroughly cleaned. The remainder of the purchase price is paid (or financing is arranged, if you’d prefer to finance the vehicle), paperwork signed and the vehicle is picked up or delivered to your door.

    There are several advantages to finding your next vehicle through our Vehicle Locator Service:

  • We can usually find exactly the vehicle you’re looking for, right down to specific colours and options.
  • We can almost always offer you a great deal, because we don’t need to advertise the vehicle or keep it on our lot for any more than a couple days, so our costs are lower.
  • We take all the leg-work out of shopping for a new pre-owned vehicle. We can even carry out the process over the phone or by email.
  • Buying from a registered dealer in Ontario means you're protected. We're obligated by law to disclose any accident history, even if undisclosed to us. We have to ensure your vehicle meets the highest safety standards, and is delivered in the condition described. Your recourse is with us, not with some seller on the other side of the continent, perhaps even in another country.

    Call or email us to get started. Our fees are very reasonable, and are calculated as a percentage of the vehicle cost.
    Rumours and Facts about US vehicles:
    Rumour: US vehicles are less expensive than Canadian vehicles.
    Fact: In many cases, this is true. Some of the largest prices differences are found in high-end luxury and sports cars. Most BMW, Mercedes, Mini, Corvette, Cadillac and Porsche models are 10 to 30 percent less expensive south of the border.
    Rumour: Factory warranties on US vehicles cannot be transferred to Canadian consumers.
    Fact: Very few manufacturers completely prohibit transfer of warranty (Chrysler and Honda/Acura are the only ones). However some manufactures do insist on hefty levies and fees to fully register warranties here in Canada. These include Mercedes, BMW and Porsche.
    Rumour: US vehicles will command a lower price on resale in Canada.
    Fact: A vehicle's value is determined by what the buyer will pay, and in many cases, a former US vehicle will sell for slightly less than its originally-Canadian equivalent. We look at it like anything else in life: get in cheaper, get out cheaper.
    Rumour: Importing a US vehicle into Canada is a logistical nightmare.
    Fact: There is indeed a mountain of paperwork to be completed, though it's by no means beyond anyone's capabilities. Diligence is required in ensuring all paperwork is completed, sent to the appropriate recipient on time, and verified for accuracy. Furthermore, all vehicles must meet Canadian standards, and often slight modifications are required (the most common being daytime running lights). That's why using a service like ours makes sense.